Womens / Youth Circles

Art Therapy 4

A Women’s Circle is an intimate gathering where women can connect with other women and share their wisdom and life experiences in a safe and confidential space. It is a space where you can take off your mask to be completely and authentically yourself. Women's Circles enable us to disconnect from the busy external world, from social networks, and completely immerse ourselves into ourselves.

Circle gathering is very different from social gathering. In social gathering we chatter and are not always aware of our surroundings. In circle space we become aware of where we are and why we are there.

My role as facilitator is to create a safe space and guide the group.

What happens in a Women’s Circle?

Hannah Busing Zyx1bk9mqma Unsplash
  • Welcome
  • Circle opening (this could include a short meditation, a poem)
  • Check in
  • Circle guidelines
  • Introduce the theme
  • Circle commences
  • Activities
  • Check in and Close circle

Please reach out if you are interested in participating in a Women's Circle or would just like to know more.