Frequently Asked Questions

Why the Expressive Arts?

Expressive Arts Therapy uses active engagement in the arts to address mental, emotional, developmental, and behavioural issues and can be beneficial for individuals that have difficulty verbalising their feelings. It uses the therapeutic relationship between client and therapist in the context of the artistic process as a dynamic force for change.

  • it can assist to identify blocks to emotional expression and personal growth
  • it can assist in exploring imagination and creativity
  • it can provide the opportunity for a person to experience a different way of knowing that is enhanced by different sensory experiences
  • it can bypass unhelpful thoughts
  • it can help to develop new coping strategies
  • it can be fun
  • it focuses on strengths and abilities
  • arts therapy externalizes and gives form to unfolding material

There are individual reasons as to why someone may seek support. These include, however are not limited to:

  • Anxiety
  • Body image
  • Depression
  • Grief and loss
  • Life Transitions
  • Maintain wellbeing
  • Trauma
What if I can only draw stick figures?

Your ability to do art is not important and drawing skills are only a small part of art expression. The emphasis is in the process and not the product, which is at the heart of all therapy.

No art training is required, just an open mind and the desire to explore the magic of the expressive arts.

What kinds of art activities can I expect to do in art therapy?

Expressive Arts therapy can include Sand work, drawing, painting, clay, collage, textiles – the possibilities are endless, and together we will determine what is best for you.

Can art therapists interpret my artwork?

No, the person who made the artwork is the expert in what has been created. As part of the reflective process the artwork can be discussed with the therapist.

What will it cost?


Service                                     Fee                     Duration

Psychotherapy Session            $130.00              60 to 90 mins

Concession Card                       $80.00                60 to 90 mins

Workshops                                 POA

Report Writing                           POA

Rebates are available for select health funds. Police Health Fund  Emergency Services Health, St Lukes Health and Phoenix Health  provider number of AC17259T