P wouldn't stop talking about all the arty things you did today. He was so happy. Today was the first day in weeks that the school said he was really good, Thank you.


Josie from The Art of She is an amazing therapist and her play therapy methods, support, and passion for what she does have fitted in so well with my family. The support and guidance she has given me and my young daughter have been so beneficial.

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Thank you Josie for a relaxing, nurturing space. I will definitely be back.

Jane Atwell

Thank you for an awesome day filled with great energy💜💜💜


Thank you Josie for the amazing soap you made for me. The musk scent was absolutely divine and took me back to my childhood eating musk sticks.


The Art of She, Josie, is fantastic and helped me through a difficult time following the birth of my daughter. Art therapy is very healing for many of life's challenges and Josie is very compassionate honest and creative in her approach to helping her clients!


Josie from The Art of She is an amazing therapist. I was unsure if I would benefit from Arts Therapy. I can honestly say the methods, support, and passion for what Josie does has been so beneficial for my healing.


Thank you The Art of She for a relaxing day. I will be back.

Kalaumunda WA

Thank you again for a lovely and relaxing International Women's Day celebration. The day was divine.

Crerative Challenge Viviian

A very relaxing day with a group of beautiful women.

Seville Grove WA